Noble Rot, 7th July

October 2, 2017

Wine. I like it. A lot. And lots of different varieties. Though I often find myself sticking to Pinot on an evening out – it’s reliable, its drinkable on its own, and crucially it doesn’t cost too much. But I like to try new things and having a friend date is a good excuse to push the boat out a little. So when Alison is in town I invariably work in a trip to a wine bar on my List. This time was no exception and after taking advantage of the Z hotel unlimited wine and cheese option (my second time – absolutely fantastic, if you like wine or cheese or wine and cheese, you must check it out), we went over to Noble Rot for a nightcap.


It was a warm night and sitting outside would have been welcome but by the time we got there it was too late for outside seating because of the neighbourhood so we sat in the cosy inside lamenting the extra heat caused by the candles.


And, in our eagerness forgot to properly look at the menu and instead hastily ordered something off the wine by the glass menu! Fools that we are!  Not that the wine was bad – it was lovely. And we managed to try something I’d not tried before – a chavy-chouet which was just the refreshing ticket on a warm evening.

The staff were very friendly – they mistook our request as wanting two glasses, not the bottle, and let us keep the two glasses of wine and gave us a full bottle as well.


We finished the night on a heavier read which felt appropriate as a nightcap.


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