The Cheese Wheel, 14th April

July 10, 2017

Instagram was flooded with images from the new guys at Kerb Camden – the Cheese wheel. I had to have them. Alfredo pasta was being tossed in a huge wheel of parmesan cheese before being topped with various things and served to you. SO gimmicky but also sounded so tasty.


And on Good Friday I happened to be heading to Primrose Hill for the silliest Easter Egg Roll tradition and thought I’d detour to get my cheesy pasta fix first. I queued and watched the previous customer’s servings get rolled around and coated before being heaped onto a plate. It looked pretty good. It tasted… fairly good. You certainly get a decent amount and it is very creamy and cheesy. But I wasn’t bowled over. Perhaps because on this chilly day it got quite cold halfway through and therefore hardened somewhat from silky to claggy. It’s more of an indoor dish.



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