Party in your Pants, 27th January

April 21, 2017

How much fun does partying in your pants sound? IKR? LOADS. And it is. I do not know why there isn’t a PIYP chapter in London but there needs to be. Stat.


A friend of a friend told us about it and so we voyaged down to Brighton purely to attend. The premise is simple – you can dance (cavort even) in your underwear (although there is no obligation to be quite so undressed) and UV paint is provided with which to decorate yourselves or others (with permission).

Blacklight completes the fun. And it is so much fun. I was worried about the music – I thought it might be cheesy crowdpleasing stuff but instead it was dancey stuff everyone knew. I worried I wouldn’t be able to dance topless but I managed it, even if I did tone down the energy a smidgen for my bosom's sake.


The crowd was hugely friendly. Hugely. It basically felt like the sort of lovely people you’d find at something like Sparkle Hard. I had been worried the place would be full of people attracted by the idea of seeing boobs without having to make any effort but it didn’t feel that way at all. It wasn’t pervy or creepy or uncomfortable; it was respectful, silly, and free. All seven of us came away feeling like we'd each made at least one friend and were grinning from ear to ear.


Photo credit: Reese Foley

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