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The Red Palace

After the roaring success of Divine Proportions, Shotgun Carousel have completely upped the ante with their immersive take on the fairytale world. I expected something similar to Divine Proportions, namely an amazing set with some acts brought out to fit the loose storyline but this time they have taken over the whole of the Vaults to create their fairytale world and if you’re not savvy you might not actually get to see it all!

Once again, they are combining food and performance but, while I heard the food was good (if rushed) I did not feel I missed out on the experience by not plumping for that pricier ticket.

We mingled in the Great Hall while the diners dined and then slowly, in walked these redly bedecked women who signalled the start of the ‘show’ with their cavorting. And the Prince welcomed us to his kingdom, gave us a bit of backstory and we went off to explore.

Each room holds a different character/storyline reminiscent in some way of Grimm fairytales but with a twist – this could be humorous, grisly, modern – each character made their character their own in their unusual portrayal. On top of this there were a few little splinter side missions for the lucky select few – I had to try to escape from a dungeon with four or so others, and got to stay behind and hear more of Red Riding Hood’s troublesome upbringing.

I went in preview week and the moving between rooms was a little chaotic – I just kind of hoped I ended up in rooms I hadn’t been to yet, but it did work out and I can imagine them smoothing this out as they enter the ‘real’ performances.

The grand finale happens where you begin and then it’s time to dance away to some of the fiercest women music makers. Shotgun Carousel is an all-female, inclusive collective and this was a strong theme throughout the whole show, thus an appropriately soundtracked shindig at the end.

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