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Little Death Club, May 16th

Little Death Club was an absolute delight. Perhaps not quite as orgasmic as its name implies but I had a smile on my face the whole time.

Bernie Dieter, our superb hostess, and performer extraordinaire for the night had assembled a bit of a rag tag bunch of incredibly talented artists for the one hour show which flew by and was over far too soon.

She’s got a hell of a voice and composed all the songs that are used in the show. She started with a brilliant one about getting it on in public (with a boy, with a girl, she's inclusive), during which some lucky victims in the audience got really up close and personal with her, culminating in carrying her back to the stage. Another highlight covered that impatience you get when you’re getting it on with someone and really, all you want is for them to ‘LICK MY PUSSY!’ Literally shrieked as a chorus. Also, word to the wise – do not send her a dick pic. She WILL encompass it into her show.

But while she was amazing, the other performers were also very, very impressive. Fancy Chance who I have seen many a time, did a jaw dropping performance of hair hanging aerobics.

Our mime found happiness by breaking free of his silent chains and discovering the joy of doing *real* actions with *real* sensations.

And the drag act was suitably snarky and performed a duet of I Know Him so Well (a song close to my heart as me and my bezzie used to perform it at school) – a masterpiece in doing actually very little singing. I mean, it’s a duet – she couldn't be expected to sing all the parts herself!

And we had a wonderfully sculpted contortionist making us all squirm with his elastic positions.

The performances were very varied and very accomplished and also a little bit naughty. If they come back again, do make time to see them.

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