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Badabadabingo, April 3rd

A pub quiz, bingo and Cards against humanity – who would put those things together and why?

Well, Cattivo did and it actually worked pretty well, though lead to feelings of slight injustice from our team.

The set up is this – like any pub quiz, there’s a quizmaster, and a picture round, and a music round, and everything runs as you’d expect as to the types of questions etc. BUT. You write your numbers into a bingo template and this is where it gets interesting. As to actually win anything you not only have to get the answer right, but then you need to get a line of correct answers (or two, or a full house) and that’s the bingo angle. One of the reasons I like bingo is that it requires no skill. Badabadabingo effectively takes this aspect away. But I also love pub quizzes so I didn’t care!

The cards against humanity aspect didn’t really play into anything other than bonus rounds of shots if you managed to tune into the quizmaster’s sense of humour with your answers.

There is, also, a prize for whoever comes first. The strange thing with this game is that you can get a lot of the answers right (it turns out we came third) but then not win any of the bingo prizes because of where your answers lay, which is exactly what happened to us.

We threw shade at the suspiciously large two teams in the corner that came first and second and won all the bingo rounds…

The setting for this quiz-cum-bingo is Cattivo, the sister to Martello Hall and feels way too upscale for such a game, with its summery Mediterranean feel. The food is also fairly posh for a place putting on a pub quiz and not quite what I expected. Cheese ends were amazing, but the chips I bought were actually more like homemade crisps. Tasty but not what I was expecting. Bombolini - little doughnuts - were very good. So that all felt a bit incongruous but I would recommend Cattivo just for a visit as well as the bingo hybrid they have going on.

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