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Kudu, January 31st

I went to Kudu for the bread, not gonna lie. But I stayed for everything else.

The bread reminded me of this stuff we used to get when we were kids – Hawaiian bread, squares of puffy, slightly sweet dough that didn’t need butter but were even better warmed and with said unnecessary butter applied. This was a more refined, grown-up version of course – and butter was a key part of that. We chose the option melted with bacon although their shrimp version is the one they were originally feted for. Is there anything better than tearing off chunks of bread and literally just dipping it into liquid butter? No. But their onglet came close.

I also couldn’t resist having some more stodge and fat in the form of parmesan churros with brown crab mayo which were delightfully cheesy and not overly greasy although they do look a bit like something you’d get at a funfair.

Even though we had made the mistake (or glorious piggy decision) to get charcuterie from next door while we were waiting for our reservation we allowed ourselves to be persuaded by the waitress to order an extra dish to bridge the gap between snack and main event. So we ordered the ricotta dumplings in duck bone broth which was very pretty but didn’t do much for me. Too much mushroom for my liking.

But when the onglet was set in front of us, the dumpling misstep was vanished from my mind in an instant. Yes, there was more mushroom with this dish but it was completely avoidable so I gave that over to Stephen immediately and concentrated on the light, almost foamlike potato mousse and the lovely long greens providing that minerally tang that goes so well with amazing steak. And this steak was amazing. Perfect slices laid out to pluck and deliver to your mouth, each one perfectly tender with just the right amount of char around each edge.

Foolishly we shared dessert as we were stuffed but short work was made of only half the chocolate ganache with sesame ice cream and chocolate crumble.

I had been bleating on about this place for months and months to Stephen and I am happy to say, it lived up to my hype.

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