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Slimelight, October 20th

After only 12 years in the making I finally made it to Slimelight. I had heard it wasn’t like its days of glory when I had probably first heard of it and everyone used to go, so I had made sure I picked a special occasion – it’s 31st birthday (the birthdays are always popular).

I had a whale of a time – it perhaps didn’t impress me as much as it would have had I gone in my days when I was (relatively) naïve and hadn’t ventured so deep into the alternative scene but it was still a really good night by all accounts. There was actually some music I liked (I wasn’t too sure if the music policy would suit me) and everyone was superfriendly and just up for having a good time.

People get as gothed or cyberpunked up as they like but also it is quite relaxed about dress code and some simple black dos the trick just as well. They had multiple rooms open, playing EBM through to 80s new wave and some live acts on as well.

I rarely have a Saturday night where I don’t have plans, but if I did, then Slimes, as it is affectionately called, would be a safe bet. And insanely good value for money – it’s only about £6 in advance for a night that goes on until 7am!

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