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Poetry Brothel, 29th September

Here's a novel idea for you - a poetry brothel. And it works rather well.

Sexing up what can already be quite a sensuous thing, the Poetry Brothel works like one might imagine a bordello of old. Kinda raucous, kinda filthy. The poets each take the stage to give you a five minute teaser of their wares, allowing you to decide which of them you might want a more private dalliance with later in the evening.

The poetry is of a seductive nature and the mere fact people are picking out their favourite, approaching them with a sly payment and walking off with them arm in arm makes it feel deliciously seedy.

Private experiences do cost more on top of the ticket price but thanks to the initial showcase, and two other rounds of performance, the night is full enough without paying the extra.

And the entertainment is not limited to poetry alone - there is musical accompaniment, both with and without the spoken word. The violinist who performed was wonderful.

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