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A Pie Party, summertime

I don't know what a buttermilk pie is when it's at home but I can tell you it's delicious. At least, it is when A Pie Party makes it. It reminds me of a pumpkin pie without the pumpkin which I'm going to guess is down to nutmeg. It was rich, bouncy and sweet. I am sold.

Which was a relief as I'd already tried to have a Pie Party pie once and was a bit disappointed. I went to the Oh My Dog stand that are selling her biscoff brownie pie but that wasn't available so I had the peanut one. I love peanut butter foods but this was hard and a bit dry and studded with strawberry pieces (I realise this would be a bonus for some but was a nasty surprise for me).

But every week I see these amazing pie insta posts so I had to go back and try more. The buttermilk pie knocked it our of (Victoria) park and I can't wait to try some other creations.

Victoria Park market is also a draw anyway - I had an amazing chicken piadina the first time I went, a bloody brilliant toastie from Meltsmiths - The Spicy Juan, the best grilled cheese sandwich I've had since the heyday of Morty and Bob, and then Krapow's fried chicken last time.

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