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Klub Verboten, 17th March

Klub Verboten may be the perfect kink club for me. They clearly take every aspect of it seriously and the result is a seriously great time.

Music is front and foremost with a roster of German-inspired techno DJs that had everyone dancing. Unlike some kinky clubs where the music is an afterthought to many attendees, here the dance floor was full most of the night.

But then, so were the other areas. And yet, never too full. (This may be partially down to the membership scheme whereby you must apply to become a member, and people do get rejected, though I haven't managed to figure out what the criteria might be.)

In other events, it feels like past a certain point everyone wants to be in the play room and there's not enough room in there - queuing is not sexy. Here, it felt like the pressure was off. There was always plenty of room, you could come and go as you pleased. And there was no strict 'couples only' imposed, instead the play room was just another room to hang out in, especially if you enjoy watching people copulate. Voyeurism is high on the agenda. Even the lighting in this space is intended to ensure you can see the action.

And they also had a chill out area away from all this, if you wanted to shield your eyes from such sin, and a separate dungeon area though this aspect too had a somewhat freeflowing nature as some of the equipment was on the dance floor.

It felt like you were never too far from the action to dip in and out as you chose. And above all else it felt like a party. The people were sexy, the music was sexy, the atmosphere was sexy. This could seriously challenge Imaginarium as my favourite fetish night with its blend of music and kink done right.

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