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Schmaltz, 12th January

I was racking up a few places in the Broadgate Circle area that I wanted to try that are only open lunchtimes so finally I decided to take the hit and use up my lunch hour traveling there and back to try one. Schmaltz was top of the agenda - I thought their chicken sandwiches looked mouthwatering, and I was intrigued by what they were using as condiment replacements - carrot reduction and pea leaf, fennel and parsley puree.

It was January so naturally I tried to be 'good' and order only the sandwich, no extras. I hadn't realised they did a chilli version with whipped feta but I decided to start with the classic. Schmaltz have engineered their own teardrop roll which fits the shape of a chicken breast like a glove.

So you have the puree, thin slices of fennel, juicy plump chicken breast, layer of crispy chicken skin, carrot puree. Everything is delicately placed, giving it a lean, clean look. The colours are invitingly vibrant.

It was a very elegant-tasting sandwich. Immediately I appreciated the crunch and tang of the fennel and the crack of the skin. The purees I found harder to discern but I guess overall provide moisture and sweetness. It is a tasty and refined sandwich. But kinda small! I'm not sure why it feels so small when you are eating a whole chicken breast but small it does feel. Small but perfectly formed.

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