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House of Kittens, 30th November

House of Kittens was as sensuous and erotically charged as I had hoped it would be, having been teased for months by the little snippets of previous events on Instagram.

We arrived at the King's Head where this event was taking place and mingled until a bevy of near-identical, nearly-nude beauties emerged and infiltrated the crowd. They looked so similar there was something unnerving about it, not to mention arousing.

They performed a dance routine and then filed out, leaving us in anticipation of the next performance.

I hadn't expected it to be quite as jam-packed as it was in terms of performance. There was something happening every 15 minutes or so and three floors over which these acts took place. The idea was to be able to wander between floors, watching what you pleased but of course space was at a premium in some rooms, so in practice people had to turn up ahead of time to stake their claim for acts you guessed you might particularly want to see. So it was rather static in practice. Lots of things were going on at once which meant an almost constant state of FOMO and eventually it was best to accept you probably weren't going to see everything you wanted to see and relax about it. Of course, this is somewhat the point - so much is happening that you are bound to want to return to see the things you missed.

I really enjoyed the event though there was an element of frustration in it for me... each act was just a tease really, taking you to the brink but no further. Take oil baby for instance: a nubile, beautiful woman gets oil poured all over her and then... and then nothing. That's it. I wanted rubbing of said oil all over her! It felt it lacked a 'climax'. I would love a real X-rated version.

Other standout performances included the 'Doll' performance where a life-sized doll animates herself and calls upon her doll friends to terrorise her owner. And I was rather partial to another where a shrouded woman smoked seductively and gave me Torture Garden outfit inspiration.

If you enjoy the female form then this night is for you. Also highly recommended to as an evening to enjoy with a lover... or someone you hope will become one.

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