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Club DVS, 6th January

I went to the inaugural Club DVS and was happy to return six months later to see it's really found its feet, even selling out completely ahead of the night.

So, what is it, especially compared to other events? Well, it's particularly newbie friendly. The DVS folks know that going to a fetish event can be a little daunting, especially with all the dress codes and kinkwear not being cheap. How do you know you want to spend £80 on some PVC before you've ever been to an event and don't know if you'll want to ever go to one again? So they keep the dress code simple, but hope that those already comfortable in the scene will make the effort.

They also have a welcome tour near the beginning, plenty of workshops and demos, and allow some time at the start before anything kicks off for people to mingle.

They also have a few bar snacks available and a free drink for the early arrivers (this has nothing to do with whether you're a kink newbie or not, I just like it.)

The setup is very much geared towards BDSM play, rather than it being a sex party though there is space for that too. The setup is really nice actually. A very large dungeon area, dreamily lit with fairy lights, the separate, sexier area with bed and swing, and upstairs padded floor areas and plenty of suspension points for rope play. I love the fireplace next to the rigger in residence's area. Very cosy and homely.

The crowd were a diverse range of ages and experiences, warm and friendly.

I was feeling quite poorly on my second visit, and had determined to leave around midnight. Cue me getting home around 7 am as I was sucked in to the atmosphere!

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