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Beagle, 20th December

Going to Beagle feels like quite an achievement being it has been on my list since it opened in 2013! It caught my eye as it was opened by the guys behind Krankbrothers which have provided me a seriously fun nights of clubbing once or twice.

This is an altogether more adult venture - a modern European type place in a railway arch in Hoxton. One side is a more casual bar, the other the restaurant, cosily lit, elegant. So it was a bit incongruous when our waiter appeared to be buzzing off his tits. He hastily encouraged us to get a cocktail as we were seating ourselves, and then, when he brought it, told us he didn't get what the fuss was about cocktails.

After not too much indecision, Alison and I ordered the burrata to start and the bavette each. The sound of the cranberry and pistachio crumble with the pork cutlet almost tempted me in, but duck fat chips (especially when we saw what they looked like as the couple next to us was presented with their cote de beouf) proved irresistible.

It was the correct choice. I was a little worried the waiter didn't ask us how we wanted it cooked, but it arrived perfectly pink and full of flavour. The chips were insane. Huge hunks of potato, impeccably crispy on the outside. I left one as I was so full, but I regret it now.

The burrata too, I must say, was super with an aubergine 'relish' that was chunks of the veg and mint.

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