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Madame D's, 9th August

There was one thing that attracted me to Madame D's when I first heard about it. Naga chilli beef puffs.

But they turned out to be a total disappointment. Naga my ass. I could not detect the merest hint of spiciness. As Stephen put it, they were like Chinese Cornish pasties.

But the other things we ordered were more successful, particularly the not especially interesting-sounding prawn crackers. Homemade crackers in a bag came with a pickled prawn spicy dip that actually was spicy, and pickled shredded carrot and we demolished them.

We had Himalayan Fried Chicken, Pork Nepali with red onion and tomato salad and potato and noodle bhel, plus of course rice to share which I always feel under pressure to order even when I know I'm not going to eat much of it.

Fried chicken with a vinegary dip - check. Always going to be good really. I found the pork dish and the potato dish also good, but they seemed to share quite a few of the same ingredients and sweet/sour flavour profile so I wished I had ordered something different.

All in all an enjoyable meal but not blown away.

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