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Cereal Killer Cafe, 29th July

I don't think anyone can say they've not heard of the Cereal Killer Cafe, such was the bile and scorn poured on it from all corners for being the epitome of hipster wank. I never understood why it drew such harsh criticism. Yes, you are paying £5 for a bowl of cereal, and yes, cereal ordinarily doesn't cost anywhere near that much per bowl. But that's just how dining out works. In this case, I am quite happy to pay out for either nostalgia, or novelty, or on my visit, both.

Cereal Killer Cafe actually appeals to me even more than some regular restaurants because I absolutely love cereal. Love it. But I never eat it. Because cereal is really bad for you. Even the 'good' kinds aren't that great because you have to eat so much of it to feel full. So I stopped having it in my house long ago. Yet lo! Someone has opened up a place where I can access just one bowl when I want to. Perfect.

And then it took me like, three years to actually get there but finally I did and I paid my £5 for a large bowl which meant I got to mix up three different kinds of cereal. I went for a perhaps not-intuitive mix. Some Cookie Crisp to remind me of my childhood (it was a favourite of mine, growing up as I did with access to all the crazy varieties the States has). Then a bit of Cap'n Crunch Mixed Berries; A twist on a childhood favourite as I always used to have only the red berry type growing up. And then something new - Peanut Butter Crunchy Nut Clusters. Now this one was a bit left-field given the flavour profiles of the others, and yes, while eating it I did think it wasn't the most successful marriage, but the general overlying sweetness still worked.

I thought the amount of cereal you got was pretty decent, but I did wish there was a glug or two more milk to go with it. I felt I was definitely rationing it out with each spoonful in order to leave some at the end to drink on its own (almost the best bit).

Cereal Killer Cafe are trading hard on nostalgia for a certain generation - loads of 80s memorabilia and Thundercats or something similar playing on the screen in the background. I guess that's fun but to be honest, I only had eyes for the cereal. Cereal Killers, I salute you.

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