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Tacos Del 74, 25th July

I kinda wish we had left Del 74 after our first round of tacos. It was going well. I would even say very well. We were there for £2 Taco Tuesdays (which, admittedly, seemed like less of a bargain when we realised they were only £3 - £4 anyway, but still...) and it turned out Margaritas were on offer at £5 too. We tried one each of their flavours - Lime, Cucumber and Watermelon, and got some guac and chips to wash them down with.

Spot on, thick, crisp tortilla chips were matched with nicely chunky guacamole, and all of the margaritas were refreshing but you could tell they had some liquor in them. We felt pleased with ourselves.

And more pleased when the tacos arrived. The fish taco had heaps of coleslaw on it but the fish flavour still came through. Pork tacos were decent but the beef ones were amazing. I had most liked the sound of the lamb but these were the runts - slightly weird texture, not great flavour. But we liked the beef and fish so much we ordered another round.

And it was like eating in a different place. The balance of foods on the fish taco was completely different. The beef one was small, dry and a bit bitter. Had adding cheese really made that much difference? Puzzled, we left and went over to the Mermaid for a post-prandial.

They have a ton of different beers (not so many ciders) and sit where Verden used to be. It's a cosy, local-cum-hipster pub - apparently they have a sister site in Islington. Worth knowing about if you're in the area - not that Clapton is lacking in lovely pubs!

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