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Dalston Roof Park, 26th May

I did it. After three (or more) years of wanting to get to the Dalston Roof Park, I finally did. And it was lovely! The sun was still in the sky (for a little bit anyway) when I arrived so the narrow uncovered strip was packed with people catching the last rays and getting food from the BBQ at the back. As the light started to fade, the covered side with the DJ began to hot up until it was a proper dance floor with people dancing away by 10:30. Little things like the cubes people were sitting on as stools lighting up added a bit of magic to the proceedings.

The night had been advertised as a funky house event and it seemed to be anything but, mixing old school, grime and a bit of bashment-inspired dance but I was more than happy with that and so, it would seem, were the crowd. When it all ended around midnight, we were nicely warmed up to continue somewhere else. Warm being the operative word – they had a retractable roof but seemed very reluctant to use it. Every now and then it would come back a tad and a sweet, sweet breeze would bless us, only to be put back in place and the sweatiness continue.

Summer seems like such a long time ago already, but when it one day returns, this rooftop is where to be.

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