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Corazon, 7th May

Corazon, another in the spate of taquerias that are blessing London with their presence. (I love tacos). Did Corazon steal my heart (which probably belongs to Breddos, although I have not yet tried their ‘proper’ place)?

Well, it was pretty good! We shared three tacos (each order comes with two) and a side of the esquites, which is the classic Mexican dish of corn and mayo and queso fresco but instead of served on the cob they’ve shucked those kernels for you. Much preferable.

These are some hefty tacos as well. The baja fish taco (my surprise favrouite) was a big ol’ square chunk of battered fish, that I cut in half in order to be able to eat. The carne asada has several slices of beautiful steak on it, and there was plenty of the pork as well.

The pulled pork taco was the weakest one, being a tad dry, especially as there was so much of it. But I noticed this one was specifically served with a salsa so perhaps they are aware and this is the solution. Anyway, I enjoyed each of them. Each had their own separate flavours, and none masked the meat/fish nor were masked in return by the main ingredient. They weren’t cheap exactly, but for the portions I wouldn’t complain. It was about £9 for each pair.


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