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Berlin Berlin, 18th March

Berlin Berlin is a clubnight playing homage to the sexiness of Berlin – nods to the hedonism of the Weimar republic and the dark clubbing possibilities of the modern city.

It is held in the top floor of Egg with its own entrance but it permits you access to the rest of the club – and the rest of the club access to you. And while not exactly a fetish event, there were clearly people who had taken the spirit of the event and dressed accordingly. So it was with much amusement that by 2 am the club was a mix of men in flamboyant drag and people in normal clubbing wear.

As you go in they put a sticker over your phone camera – strictly no photos allowed. Was it really going to be that dark? They don’t even bother taking such precautions at places like TG or Antichrist… but then again I suppose regulars at those places know that photos are a no-no and they might not realise here.

I have to say, I was impressed. As I said, despite there being no dress code, the crowd made an effort which immediately creates an atmosphere. And the performances were weird enough to suit even this seasoned alternative cabaret attendee.

Alternative Nightlife favourite Bambi Blue was there doing her thing, and I particularly enjoyed a rendition of Sisters, Sisters (featured in the musical White Christmas) which had particular resonance for me as it was a childhood favourite of mine and my sister was making a rare appearance in town. Of course, they didn’t sing it all twee and nice – the act descended into the pair squabbling and fighting on the ground over the man that would come between ‘such devoted sisters’. I loved it.

And to really wander on the dark side we had ‘Bliss Theadora’ and her sub doing an act involving, well… torture. Consensual torture of course – we got to watch as she treated her man as a pin cushion, piercing him all over. Particularly 'challenging' to watch was the needles going through his cheeks. But I do like something provocative and it was something I hadn’t yet seen anywhere else.

On top of this the music was amazing, the whole setting felt sexy, and like I said, you were free to wander through the whole of the club. Which means I managed to miss Marnie Scarlett and various others parading about. If they are all like this I would highly recommend it to those curious about the darker side of life and those seeking a hedonistic night. Here's a little flavour of the night...

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