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The Barge House, 4th February

I can’t remember I became aware of the bread bowl breakfast but as soon as I did I knew I had to have it in my life. After a failed attempt the week before (dramas on the Saturday night left me in no mood for brunch on the Sunday, I was back to tackle this beast.

I almost failed again to get it in me as we had accidentally booked for March but they squeezed us in, and we ordered and waited. And waited a bit more, and a bit more. But I don’t mind a little anticipation.

It is a thing of beauty. A wonderfully round sourdough (I assume) bread loaf has been hollowed out and then packed with (in the case of the original) sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms (bleugh – I picked those out), leeks, cheese and a runnyish egg on top. Tackling this loaf and actually working out how to eat it is no small task but once you’ve cracked the outer casing it becomes a lot easier. You have to use serrated knives to make a dent, and trying to keep the bowl in place on your plate is.. tricky. But my, is it tasty! I feel they chose the filling with care and there was the right amount of each, and also the correct bread to filling ratio. It’s incredibly hearty. I didn’t manage to eat quite all of my bread bowl and I didn’t eat anything else all day apart from a cookie!

My only gripe would be that I would have liked some tabasco or something to go on it.

My friends had the salmon one and they weren’t as keen on it as the veggie one they’d had the week before – they thought there should have been more salmon and less crème fraiche.


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