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Max's sandwiches, 14th January

I have been to Max’s Sandwiches twice now and each time been treated to a thing of sloppy, overly stuffed, crunchy wonder.

Max knows a thing or two about sandwiches – ensuring that each one he creates is a textural delight. Bread to filling ratio is on point, and there is balance between the main filling, some sort of sauciness and always a bit of crunch.

The first time I went I had the Ham, Egg and Chips. It seemed like a classic and I wanted to get a feel for the place. This was a brimming sandwich of ham hock, fried egg, picallili, vinegar mayo and shoestring fries for that essential extra dimension. I also had a side of completely unneccesary (given the size of the sandwich) mac and cheese balls which were crispy and gooey at the same time.

My sandwich defeated me in size because of this but made an excellent snack later on, not at all diminishing in pleasure from sitting in my bag for the day.

When I went back it was a hard decision to try another of the more ‘staple’ menu items, or the special which was a take on a Caesar salad but with guinea fowl rather than chicken. Novelty won out and I had that – this time the meat was paired with Caesar dressing, gem lettuce, actual croutons embedded in it and some grapes. Sweet, salty, crunchy – it all worked wonders and this time I had enough room to finish the whole thing.

The place is a little far out of the way - out in Finsbury Park/Crouch Hill but I would definitely recommend you make the journey. Luckily for me, one of my friends lives there and I catsit regularly for her - can't wait for her to go on holiday again!

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